2024 – A year of love & compassion at Bridge House


The College and Prep will focus on the Bridge House values this year. We kick off the term with love and compassion. There are many ways our students show compassion.

Financial assistance might come to mind first, but there are other equally valuable ways to give: our students share their time by volunteering at the soup kitchen or vegetable garden.

Building friendships through the Interact outreach programs is also a very significant way in which our students get involved.

Wemmershoek Primary’s Feeding Scheme. Mrs Marilie Jansen, accompanied by Luca Colombo, who sits on the Service Portfolio on the SLC, visited the school to learn more about the feeding scheme and how Bridge House can bring even more relief to the support structure at the school.

They learned that besides the starch provided with each recipe, they needed 35 cans to provide a meal for 350 learners. We have challenged our school by running a 35/350 Can Drive to see how many days we can collect cans to provide meals to these young children. Cans required include pilchards, chicken liver, soup, vegetables, tomato relish, and chakalaka.

Since the start of the drive at the beginning of the month, we have been able to collect enough cans to enable the scheme to provide their 350 students with a meal for 21 days.

We look forward to partnering with you to make a difference in our community. If you would like to donate or get involved with outreach work, please contact marjan@bridgehouse.org.za