Bridge House offers the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) curriculum, which is an internationally recognised matric. Our past pupils have been accepted and graduated from top universities all over the world. We also treat each pupil as an individual and, in doing so, have succeeded with a 100% matric pass rate to date. At Bridge House, we place great value on academics and the success of our students. We offer a broad, innovative and modern curriculum aimed at developing highly-motivated, balanced and competent people, well prepared to deal with the opportunities and obstacles facing them when they leave school.. Our phenomenal, highly qualified, and sought-after teachers stay abreast of the best of South African and international teaching practices to provide your child with the best education possible.



Bridge House strives to be a school that is at the forefront of global educational developments. In Grade 10, in preparation for the National Senior Certificate of the IEB, the students choose from a wide range of subjects.  Bridge House places a premium on the pursuit of excellence by every pupil.


Students in Grades 8 and 9 follow an exciting curriculum that is aimed at increased personalisation and encourages personal investment.

FET: GRADES 10 - 12

Bridge House Matrics write the Independent Examinations Board Matric exams.


In all grades school-based assessment (SBA) and formal examination results make up the final year mark. In Grade 12 (FET), the school based assessment varies between 25% and 50% of the final mark.  The external final ‘examination’ counts for 75% of the mark, with the exception of Life Orientation where 100% of the mark is from internal assessment. The portfolio (SBA) of work done at school in each subject is thus extremely important.

In all Grades a doctor’s certificate will be required if any formal assessments are missed.

Requirements for University Entrance

It is important that candidates ascertain exactly what the requirements are for specific faculties at the University of their choice. The ‘points’ required for each course within each faculty must be obtained from the universities.


Please note that should a pupil miss a controlled conditions, formal assessment  or examination which counts towards a promotion mark, a doctor’s certificate must be submitted, otherwise zero marks will be awarded.


In the College students must have a laptop. In addition, the Bridge House IT Centres provide state-of-the-art facilities for developing computer competency at every school level. Pupils learn to use this technology and its wide range of applications from Pre-primary to Matric. Technology is used to enhance and revolutionise the way we teach in all curricula. From Grade 10 to 12 we offer Information Technology (IT) for those pupils wanting to follow a career in the IT industry and Computer Applications Technology (CAT) for those who will use IT throughout their professional and personal lives. Coding and Robotics are incorporated into the Grade 8 and 9 curricula.



Bridge House is an English-medium school. We teach English Home Language to all pupils. Afrikaans and isiXhosa are taught at first additional language level. Only students with an immigrant concession are exempt from taking Afrikaans or isiXhosa. French and German (at second additional language level) are offered as elective subjects in Grades 10, 11 and 12 and at an introductory level in Grades 8 and 9.



Bridge House seeks to promote academic excellence in a non-authoritarian, multi-faith, value-driven environment, where the development of pupil confidence is considered a priority.  In the College, we offer a wide range of subjects:


Students in Grades 8 and 9 at Bridge House follow a curriculum which is aimed at increased personalisation and encourages personal investment. Grades 8 and 9 students participate in the elective programme and choose a new elective each semester. 


In Grade 10, students enter the FET phase culminating in the National Senior Certificate exam set by the Independent Examinations Board (IEB). We offer 22 subjects in the FET phase. 



We congratulate the Matric Class of 2021 and their teachers on their results in the 2021 IEB National Senior Certificate examinations. 

There are achievements here of which the school, the Class of 2021 and their parents can be very proud. There are some outstanding academic achievements and there are others which are strong indicators of the quality of the caring and extra miles walked by dedicated teachers.  Let us not forget every teacher, who over the years from Pre-Primary to Matric, recognised potential, celebrated difference and kept these students on track until their final exams.  The Class of 2021 achieved a 94% Bachelor Degree pass rate with seven subject results in the top 1% of IEB results nationally. 

Please see the top achiever’s results below:


The lists and information about ordering textbooks – hard copies from Caxtons and digital from ITSI – are available on the D6 Communicator or from Cisca Timmey