Just imagine a school environment where both children and teachers love going to school. At Bridge House, we encourage children to adopt a “can do” positive mindset. 

The keystone of our caring and nurturing classroom environment is our belief that each child is unique with their strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. We believe that children learn best when they are happy, stimulated and learning through doing. This methodology will help them develop a strong foundation of what is traditionally known as the 3R (reading, writing and arithmetic) skills. They will use this as a foundation for their future learning and reaching their true potential. Children are encouraged to become independent, accountable individuals by taking responsibility for their behaviour, own work, and belongings. A servant leadership approach is enabled, which starts through the responsibility of the self.



Our incredible teachers believe that it is important to encourage each child to build positive self-esteem, enabling them to approach life and learning with self-assurance and confidence. 

The Bridge House Junior Primary curriculum is, by nature, outcomes-based and is based on the IEB Foundation Phase guidelines. Under the umbrella of the key learning areas of Languages, Mathematics and Life Skills, the following subjects are introduced and explored:

  • English Literacy
  • Conversational Afrikaans
  • Conversational isiXhosa
  • Mathematics
  • Social and Natural Sciences themes within an Integrated Studies approach
  • Handwriting
  • Physical Education
  • Creative Arts which incorporates Class Music, Drama and Art
  • Information Technology


Just imagine growing up in small classes with individual attention whilst being classmates with a diverse group of co-ed mix-gender happy children. This environment prepares our students to be well-adjusted, open-minded and accustomed to differences. Junior Primary class sizes are kept to a maximum of 24 per class. The academic day starts at 08h00 and ends at 14h00, with Grades 1 and 2 participating in compulsory sport within this time. The Grade 3s enjoy their compulsory sport Mondays to Thursdays between 14h00 and 15h00. Aftercare and supervised homework are available until 16h00 (until 14h00 on Fridays).

We emphasise that parents are important role players in their children’s education, and we believe that happy, developing children make happy, contented families. We encourage open communication and warm relationships between teachers and parents based on mutual respect and trust. As well as organising parent meetings as the need arises, we schedule parent interviews in Terms 1 & 3 accompanied by summary reports. Detailed comprehensive reports are written in Terms 2 & 4.

We believe that we truly embrace and live by our Bridge House motto: Learning for Life.



The Junior Primary section of the school uses the Cool to Be programme for their Lifeskills programme. It focuses on developing friendships, sharing, and understanding emotions. The Grade 3 component emphasises self-belief and highlights each child’s uniqueness. Mindfulness is promoted as key to effective learning and coping with the stresses of life, and regular early morning walks on our beautiful campus are part and parcel of how we ‘do school’. In addition, the wide verandas, shady trees and outdoor furniture provide the option to any teacher for group work in the garden. Speaking of gardening, the school’s fruit and vegetable garden is a source of much pleasure as the children learn to propagate, plant, weed and harvest, and motivates the juniors to plant and nurture small patches of veggies in their own playground! 



All classes go on outings to places of interest.  These trips form part of our educational curriculum. Each pupil from Grade 1 has the opportunity to attend at least one camp during the year. We see this as an essential opportunity to develop independence, group spirit and interdependence. It forms part of our vision of holistic education. Camps, excursions, integrated projects, special events and the daily opportunity to benefit from up-to-date technology (with access to our extensive network) are considered integral to our methodology.