Bridge House is growing in leaps and bounds and is right up there with the best of Independent Schools in South Africa. Exciting things are happening in all phases of the school. The facilities have expanded, the trees are growing, the gardens are looking stunning and those of you who left a while ago will probably be amazed at what the school looks like today. You, as past pupils, can be proud of your school.

With the growth of the school and the years going by, the number of past pupils is growing and we would really like to establish a strong Bridge House Past Pupils’ Association (BHPPA) for Bridge House Alumni. The purpose of this is to join you all together as a strong vibrant body which will: support the school; provide a network of contacts for you to use in your present or future careers; and in future serve on the Bridge House Educational Foundation Trust.

Stay in contact with Bridge House via email and request an invitation to the Bridge House Past Pupils group on Facebook. We are always interested in what you are doing now and enjoy visits from our Past Pupils. Please join us on Founders Day in March every year to catch up with school news.

To join the BHPPA, download the form below and return it to Gill by email. You could also complete our online form on the left.


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