At Bridge House, we strive to provide an education that will be the foundation for our students to succeed anywhere in the world. We aim to equip students with the skills to be leaders of tomorrow; to be global citizens; to be accepting and inclusive and to be change makers equipped for a world beyond our imagination.  Just imagine a school where students access a globally recognised education and thrive in the safe, beautiful surroundings in one of the most beautiful valleys in the World.

Bridge House partners with a number of organisations. The school is a member of the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA); the Independent Examinations Board (IEB); the International Round Square Organisation and the President’s Award for Youth Empowerment (Duke of Edinburgh Award), as well as the Proudly South African Organisation.


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As an independent school, Bridge House has elected to write the examinations of the Independent Examinations Board (IEB). Bridge House strives to be a school that is at the forefront of global educational developments. The IEB is an independent assessment body offering a range of certified assessments, benchmarked assessments and training. Bridge House Matrics have been accepted to universities all over the world with an IEB qualification.


Bridge House School is a member of the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA), the largest, oldest and most inclusive independent school’s association in the region.

ISASA’s Vision is “a Southern Africa in which quality education is provided to all learners, the value of independent education in contributing to this goal is recognised, and a value-based, public-spirited community of diverse, high-quality, independent schools is developed.”

ISASA’s Mission is “to articulate the value of independent education, to promote the common interests of its members, and to provide professional services that will enhance their contribution to education in Southern Africa.”


The International Round Square Organisation is based on the theories of experiential educational philosopher Kurt Hahn. Dr Hahn, one of the twentieth century’s foremost revolutionaries in education, believed that schools should have a greater purpose beyond preparing pupils for college and university. He thought young people needed to prepare for life by having them face it directly and experience it in ways that would demand courage, generosity, imagination, principle and resolution. “There is more in us than we know if we could be made to see it; perhaps, for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less.” – Kurt Hahn


The President’s Award is a programme that seeks to encourage young people to chart their paths of self-discovery and growth. The four components of Sport, Community Service, an Expedition and Skills and Interests are designed to provide a balanced life experience. Bridge House has produced 59 President’s Award Gold awardees since 2003. All Grade 8s are registered for the Bronze level of the programme. In order to stand for election for the School SLC, Grade 11 candidates must have completed the Bronze President’s Award.


Digital Media Academy (DMA) is a digital art and technology education company, located  in Vancouver, BC, primarily offering STEM summer camp and arts programmes for students, age 9-18, at several universities in the US and Canada, including Stanford, Harvard, et al.

Bridge House Prep School has been in partnership with this progressive company since late 2020 to ensure a guided yet wide-ranging  approach to introducing young minds to the place of digital technology in their world. WIth courses ranging from Robotics, Coding, AI, Big Data and Animation;  and extending to include the  Design Process, Entrepreneurship and Sound Engineering, there is something for everyone – and at age appropriate levels. Their modular approach lends itself to inclusion in the Prep School’s thematic approach to teaching.



There are a number of internal organisations which support and drive the school’s partnership initiatives. One of these is the President’s Award and in the Prep, the Learning for Life Leadership Award, both with a strong emphasis on service.

Bridge House is a member of Bhabhathane, a community of nine local schools in the Franschhoek Valley. The Heads and student leaders of these schools meet regularly to share experiences and ideas.

We have an established Interact Club linked to the service organisation, Rotary. Interact runs active programmes, driving service awareness and resulting in successful community projects.

Being a Round Square school, Bridge House delivers a programme which reflects that organisation’s IDEALS, which are Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service, so through that underpinning philosophy, the sense of having a responsibility to a greater whole is constantly in the school’s thinking and action.