Ready, set, go! Inter-House Athletics 2024


We are delighted to share the vibrant highlights of our recent field events that unfolded on Wednesday, 17 January—the day resonated with the spirited participation of our students, creating an atmosphere filled with enthusiasm, vibrant activity, and resounding cheers.

A standout moment unfolded when Lucy Henderson achieved a remarkable feat in the U14 High Jump, gracefully clearing an impressive 145cm. This accomplishment tied with the current record set in 2023 by Hannah Pearce, creating a shared legacy that will be celebrated until rebroken.

Despite a temporary setback due to extreme heat, our resilient spirit prevailed. We successfully rescheduled the track events, and on a windy Monday morning (January 22), the track activities commenced. The day began with the captivating house walk-ons, a visual treat that consistently enhanced the excitement of our events. The morning unfolded seamlessly with well-organised races, stunning cheerleading performances, and thrilling tug-of-war competitions.

As this exciting event ended, we took immense pride in announcing Olympia as the triumphant house. Olympia secured victories in the tug-of-war and spirit categories and earned the highest points in the combined track and field events. A massive congratulations to Olympia for their outstanding achievements!

In recognising individual excellence, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Chris Greenway for winning Senior Victrix Ludorum, Steyn Pretorious for winning Junior Victrix Ludorum, Cara Knoblauch for winning Senior Victor Ludorum, and Lucy Henderson for winning Junior Victrix Ludorum. Well done to these exceptional athletes for their dedication, sportsmanship, and exemplary performances.


As we look back on the success of this year’s events, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming year, filled with more excitement, achievements, and camaraderie in 2025.