At Bridge House, we focus on the holistic development of the child into a well-rounded and complete adult. In support of this ideal, the Educational Support Unit (ESU) offers all pupils access to academic, social, emotional, and behavioural support.



A critical part of a child’s journey through school is linked to their cognitive and socio-emotional development, which underpin their skills and ability to function optimally in all areas of their educational experience.

The younger a child is when an area of difficulty is identified and addressed, the better the chance is for the child’s academic – and socio-emotional –  journey to be supported and strengthened.  Hence access to screening from Pre-Primary age is available. 

The Prep School believes in a ‘Round Table Approach’ whereby the parents, the teacher and the ESU ( including other professional therapists where necessary) work together to ensure the best support and outcome for the child. Support lessons, where necessary, are timetabled within the child’s school programme. 

Within the Prep School, there is a strong emphasis on pastoral care for all children, with home room teachers being the primary mentors, supported by the Heads of Phases and Deputy Heads, and specialist teachers offering academic support as and when required. 

The Educational Support Unit in the Prep includes: 

  • a Speech Therapist 
  • an Occupational Therapist 
  • 2 fulltime Learning Support Therapists
  • support in accessing relevant external specialists both for the child, and to advise the teachers regarding the child. 

For more information regarding the services offered by the ESU, contact Caryl Lane at