In order to facilitate and encourage the holistic development of our students, the Educational Support Unit (ESU) in the College offers academic, social, emotional, and behavioural support to all College students.

An Educational Psychologist, a Psychologist intern and a Learning Support Therapist are available to consult with students on a one-to-one basis, as well as in small group formats where peer support and learning is encouraged. The ESU encourages students to take responsibility and ownership of their wellbeing by requesting support for themselves when necessary. Parents, teachers, and other professionals involved in caring for students are also encouraged to refer students to the ESU when additional support is required.


  • Provision of counselling and psycho-therapeutic services. When relevant, referral to a psychologist or psychiatrist in private practice can be made.
  • Psycho-educational screening assessments: these are available to all students to determine if there is a need for more information regarding a particular student’s learning profile and progress. Recommendations and referrals are made for further intervention where needed.
  • Liaison with parents and other professionals (doctors, psychiatrists, remedial teachers) regarding the academic and/or emotional support of students.
  • Support groups addressing mental health problems.
  • Psycho-education promoting mental wellbeing.
  • Learning support is available to students who require this. Referrals are made through the school’s ESU team.
  • Homework support sessions are on offer to all College students, three afternoons a week.
  • Subject choice guidance is offered to all Grade 9 students, while career guidance is offered to all Grade 11 and 12 students. Pupils and parents are able to book sessions with the school’s psychologist for career guidance/subject choice discussions. Referrals for in-depth psychometric assessments can be made.
  • Psycho-educational testing for IEB examination accommodations is outsourced, please contact the school’s Psychologist for a list of Educational Psychologists who are able to provide this service.

Please note that the IEB has a very clear policy regarding the psychometric battery of tests which should be utilised when conducting this particular type of assessment. It is also important to bear in mind that an assessment does not necessarily lead to an application, nor does it guarantee the granting of an accommodation. The IEB’s independent review panel (and not the school) makes the final decision as to whether or not a student is granted an examination accommodation. (Please contact the ESU for more information in this regard).