Inter-House Gala Fun


On February 7th, our school hosted the much-anticipated Inter House Swimming Gala and Water Polo event. Despite initial concerns regarding potential rain, we decided to proceed as planned, and we were delighted that the weather cooperated, gracing us with a beautiful day for the festivities.

The day began with the traditional walk-ons, which added a lively and festive atmosphere, setting the stage for a day filled with sporting excitement and camaraderie.

As the gala commenced, it quickly became evident that we were in for a treat. Spectators witnessed impressive swimming and water polo performances, with several records falling throughout the day. Notably, Cara Knoblauch broke the U19 girls’ 50m freestyle record by an impressive 0.38 seconds, while the Olympia Grade 11 girls tied the 4x25m Freestyle relay record set in 2022 and later set a new record in the 4x25m medley relay.

Following the swimming events, we transitioned to the Inter House Water Polo matches. It was lovely to see students of all levels of water polo experience enthusiastically participating on the day, showcasing both their skills and their spirit of sportsmanship. Helios emerged victorious in the tightly contested boys’ matches, while the Olympia girls demonstrated dominance in the girls’ water polo competition.

As the day drew to a close, we eagerly awaited the announcement of the overall results. Once again, Olympia emerged as the overall champions, amassing an impressive 515 points, followed by Helios in second place with 312 points and Alexandria in third with 303 points.

Additionally, Olympia claimed the Spirit Cup for their outstanding sportsmanship and support throughout the event, with Helios and Alexandria placing second and third, respectively.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to all staff members for their hard work and dedication in organising and facilitating the event. We also congratulate all students who participated for their efforts and achievements. We eagerly anticipate the next Inter House Swimming Gala and Water Polo event in 2025.