Grade 7 Leadership Camp 2024


Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a process, working together is success – Henry Ford.

There is something truly special about a group of people uniting for a shared experience. The intimacy that arises from breaking away from the “usual” and embracing something new together fosters a sense of community and belonging. Exceptional leaders emerge when they feel part of a greater good, and followers follow when they collaborate.

Our annual Grade 7 camp to Simons Town allows our Grade Seven’s to step outside the classroom for a week of adventure and challenge. For some, the mere separation from their parents posed a significant challenge, while for others, it was the physical demand of walking kilometres every day. Each participant drew what was relevant to them from the experience.

Being an all-Bridge House teacher-led camp program adds a special touch, as every experience is shared. Not a step is taken, an activity completed, or a meal prepared without a teacher sharing the journey. The boys and girls are stretched mentally, emotionally, and physically, ensuring that there is still much “fun in the sun.” This year’s camp was no different.

While early morning and late afternoon beach visits and swims were some of the daily rituals, the group was also involved in an extensive programme of planned activities. 

On day one, the group headed to Cape Town for a guided tour of the Castle of Good Hope. The boys and girls immersed themselves in the history of the early settlers to the Cape of Good Hope, walking the castle walls and exploring each of the five bastions. What do you do when your bus intentionally leaves you far from your final destination? You take the train! The friendly tourism office at PRASA warmly welcomed our group and accompanied us on the Southern Line train from the Cape Town central station to Fish Hoek. A bus awaited them, taking them to the Cape Times Fresh Air camp.

Day two saw the group breaking into three homeroom groups, each tackling different planned activities in Simons Town. Mrs Sandie Parker, recently retired as deputy from Bridge House Prep, shared her knowledge of British Naval history in the naval cemetery. Dr Jenny Wright led a poetry writing session at Jubilee Square, and Mrs Sandra Hean accompanied groups to visit the Simons Town museum.

Day three’s activities focused on a Cape Point Nature Reserve hike. Starting at the Cape of Good Hope, the group made their way to Diaz Beach, ascending the New Cape Point Lighthouse, and then hiked on a trail to Rooikrans Road. The journey then continued to Buffels Beach for a swim and lunch.

After the challenges of day three, it was time to spend quality homeroom time closer to camp. The groups began the day exploring rock pools near camp under the guidance of experts from the Two Oceans Aquarium. They then participated in a kayak session in Simons Town Harbour and an extended beach and snorkelling session at Windmill Beach. Mr van der Rheede’s potjiekos competition kicked off the evening activities, followed by the inevitable camp concert, providing much entertainment.

On the final morning, Mr. Barrow and Mr. Wells addressed the group on their leadership roles upon returning to school, followed by one last beach visit before heading home. Overall, it was a memorable week shared by a group of children full of potential. This shared experience is sure to be one to remember.

Walking together, we find strength in each other and comfort in knowing we’re on this journey together – Unknown