Bridge House Golf Team dominates


Bridge House golf has seen a remarkable resurgence in the Boland School’s League, claiming dominant wins over Boland Landbou and Somerset College. While several heavyweight teams lie in wait, one cannot ignore the confidence this team carries into their next fixture against Paul Roos at Stellenbosch Golf Club.

The team – consisting of Oliver Scriven, Archie Wolseley Brinton, Tristan Dower, Mateo Claux, Mick Stengl and Daniel Spolander – beat Boland Landbou 4.5-1.5 and Somerset College 5 – 1 have carried the Bridge House flag with immense pride.

It must be stressed, though, that success in terms of results is only one of the ultimate goals in this sport. The players have challenged themselves, giving up their personal time to reach their goals while showing commitment to each other’s improvement on and off the course. It is encouraging to see how the team culture has brought a diverse group of players together. We are noticing how this is positively affecting the players around them who are competing for a spot on the team.

The Bridge House golf team welcomes all support, especially during our home games hosted at Pearl Valley.