Please note that e-mail addresses for all staff at Bridge House consist of the first three letters of the first name followed by the first three letters of the surname followed by

Head of Preparatory School

Marc Barrow

Deputy Heads of Preparatory School

Sandra Hean (Academics)

Allan Wells (Wider Curriculum)

Front of House

Samantha Ruiters (PA to Head of Preparatory) –

Yasminah Allie (Prep Reception) –

Leonie Davids Ambraal (Pre-Primary Reception) –

Huguenot House Junior Boarding House (boys)

Hilton Pellow-Jarman –

Erica House Junior Boarding House (girls) 

Timshell Pheiffer –

Prep Sport

Riaan van de Rheede –

Annika Viljoen –


Caryl Lane –

Tanya (Stripp) Bekker –

Liezl Conradie –

Arts and Culture

Adele Bate (Individual Music, JP & PrePrimary Music) –

Greg Hinds (Head of CA; SP & JP Music) –

Head of Senior Primary Phase

Jenny Wright –

Senior Primary Teachers

Grade 4

Trove Pretorius –

Imre van Huyssteen –

Grade 5

Anneke Liebenberg –

Megan Swart –

Grade 6

Belinda Lindhorst –

Siobhan Baatjes –

Elizabeth Loock-Lintveldt –

Grade 7

Justine du Plessis –

Sarah Rich

Lorenzo Copolla –

Subject Specialists

Tania Scheepers (Afrikaans) –

Elizabeth Loock-Lintvelt (Afrikaans) –

Bangikhaya Poni (isiXhosa & Drama) –

Sinoxolo Masimini ( isiXhosa) –

IT Integrator in the Prep

Chanille Viviers – ( IT Integrator)

Timshell Pheiffer – in JP & PrePri)

Head of Pre-primary and Playschool

Sandra Boyes –


Grade 0000

Debbie Kannemeyer –

Grade 000

Carlé Mellet–

Roxy Rennie –


Grade 00

Lisa Hendricks –

Kara Bouma –

Grade 0

Linda Orsmond –

Nicki Kinsey-Quick –

Head of Junior Primary Phase

Michele Willard  –

Junior Primary Teachers

Grade 1

Megan van Heerden –

Erika Kuun –

Grade 2

Shelley Ansell –

Clare Vandeyar –

Grade 3

Michele Willard –

Ingerid de Bruyn –